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GamePlayTube is the hottest arcade site on the planet, featuring over 1000+ FREE games that you can play, share, and bookmark for whenever you're bored!

Games are organized across multiple categories including arcades, puzzles, sports, shoot'em up, racing, cards and more.

Our mission is to provide you the best games, and to allow you to bookmark those games, embed them on your profile pages, share them with your friends, and much more! Register today, it's FREE!

Random Arcade/Action


A modified version of Pacman. Guide Sonny the dog around chomping on the dog bones trying to avoid the monsters.

Monster Mahjong

A monster's version of Mah Jong

Random Puzzle

Connect 4

Test your brain in this classic puzzle game. Collect 4 balls in one horizontal, vertical or diagonal line before your oppenent did that.

Battleships 2

Come and play the classic game of battleships

Random Sport

Homerun Rally

Another baseball simulator game. Try to beat the ball... sounds easy, but try to do that yourself

Yeti Sports 10

Throw 12 icicles with the left mouse button to let pingu climb up as high as possible.

Random Shooting

Stress Game

Take your stress out on these little smilie faces.

SAS: Zombie Assault 2

After successfully completing the first mission, our hero is now sent to an abandoned military camp, again overrun with Zombies. With more firepower, ranks and skills to unlock this time you should have no problems...

Random Driving

Doom Rider

A fast motor race game where you have to drive your motor through the underworld with hundreds of undead skeletons on the road.

3-D Rally Racing

Drive your Toyota Celica or Ford Focus and unlock all 5 tracks by placing 1st on each track.

Random Cards

Let It Ride

This is one of the Casino games that makes use of Poker rules.

Royal Poker

This a great poker game where you can bet big and not have to worry about loading a cent.

Random Retro

Megaman Versus Ghosts And Goblins

The classic games 'Megaman' and 'Ghosts And Goblins' fused into 1!

Dragon Ball Z

Choose a fighter and destroy your opponent!

Random Skill

Drunken Masters

Choose 1 of 10 different bartenders and start your adventure. With fast-paced gameplay and quick-thinking action, you'll learn to mix drinks for up to 5 impatient customers at once. There are plenty of tricks and special moves that you'll need to mas


All you have to do is move your dot and not crash into the walls.

Random Fighting

Uncharted Skies

This is a turn-based multi-player aerial dog-fights game. You have to set your curve-path, select your skill, and you’re just ready for the action. Free For All or Team Matches PvP mode with up to 8 players at once. Includes a simple step-by-step t

Beyblade Rip Zone

Battle other opponents with your Beyblade! Let it rip!

Random Rpg

Sea Of Fire

Pick a side, build units, conquer land. Can you control all of the resources?

Story Of Arado

An awesome side-scrolling RPG with a Samurai Showdown feel to it.

Random Defence


A tower defense game in the style of Warcraft.

Cannon Chaos

Destroy an endless onslaught of tanks with your base turret. You get points depending on the tanks you destroy.

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