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GamePlayTube is the hottest arcade site on the planet, featuring over 1000+ FREE games that you can play, share, and bookmark for whenever you're bored!

Games are organized across multiple categories including arcades, puzzles, sports, shoot'em up, racing, cards and more.

Our mission is to provide you the best games, and to allow you to bookmark those games, embed them on your profile pages, share them with your friends, and much more! Register today, it's FREE!

Random Arcade/Action


Play this funny game and shoot all the targets and earn points

Matrix Fighter

You're Neo.. Save the world from the Robots and the Agents

Random Puzzle

Guardian Rock

You are the Guardian Rock. After millenia of slumber you rise to defend the glorious temple from intruding archaeologists. Use brute force or take use of ancient devices spread across the temple to achieve your goals and solve all 48 puzzles. Bonus c


You are a genius hired to work in a secret laboratory. Your job is to learn an alien language and try to translate the speech of an alien.

Random Sport


See how fast you can get down the hill in this sweet snowboarding game

Sexy football

Play soccer online against your computer in Sexy Football!

Random Shooting

Metal Slug

A game that truly mimics Metal Slug games. Plays exactly like the real thing featuring great graphics and weapons. Amazing!


This means you'll have to be careful when charging forward or you might end up walking straight into a trap. Eliminate any threat quickly and make sure you're not over-run.

Random Driving

Jeep Flyer

The new version of line flyer with a jeep, bigger air and crashes!


Still not sure what a Trabi is, but you have a car that you can drive around a track and a tank of nitro that you can hit intermittently.

Random Cards


Choose which cards to discard and try to make pair of jacks or better to win money.


Want to learn a typical Spanish card game? Play Briscas!

Random Retro

Punch Out

Punch Out for the NES.

Final Fantasy Sonic X 1

Play as Sonic and fight your way through the bad guys in a Final Fantasy style RPG!

Random Skill

Angry Faic

This game features Angry Faic, a popular emoticon originating from Newgrounds who wants to destroy all other emoticons.

Ignite People On Fire

Deep within your heart, lays a burning sensation. Find yourself desperately sharing this ember with fellow peeps in a violent, enthusiastic fit.

Random Fighting

3 Foot Ninja 2

The princess has been kidnapped! Defeat the evil minions and save her before it's too late!

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2

The pet store couldn't get any bloodier. See how many cute furry things you can turn into messy red pools.

Random Rpg

Strategy Defense 5

Unleash massive armies against your opponent!


You have to build and upgrade an army to win the war against orcs in 8 different missions.

Random Defence

Age Of War

Take control of 16 different units and 15 different turrets to defend your base and destroy your enemy. In this game, you start at the caveman age, then evolve! There is a total of 5 ages, each with it's units and turrets. I hope you have fun with th

Canyon Defense

Build an ideal defense system and save the inhabitants from the waves of enemy attacks.

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